Ceramic vessel with the symbol of the three cultures

Frigiliana is also known as the village of the three cultures. This fact has its origins in a really special discovery in our village, a ceramic vessel with a symbol that combines the cross, the star of David, an the moon, symbols usually associated with the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions respectively. If you want to learn more about the story of this vessel, do not hesitate to join one of our guided tours.

Vessel with the symbol of the three cultures
Vessel with the symbol of the three cultures

This cermic vessel was found in a house in El Torreón, when the owner was carrying out some construction works there. Marta Taylor Whitehead, known in Frigiliana as “Doña Marta”, and one of our first foreign residents and adopted “aguanosa”, decided to place it on her front door, so that everybody could see it.

Doña Marta

For those who got to know her, Marta Taylor Whitehead was a woman well ahead of her time for a society as the one in Frigiliana then. She was born in Luxembourg and after going to the UK to study, she could not leave the country due to the outbreak of the WWII. Then, Doña Marta visited Spain in the 60s, and fell in love with Frigiliana, its culture, traditions and people. A generous, modern, economically independent, and divorced woman who worked as a top model coming to a rural village during the Spanish Dictatorship was a great cultural shock for the inhabitants of Frigiliana. Doña Marta remodeled her house, located in El Torreón, and old defensive tower, that also served as silo. Since she loved the culture and traditions of Frigiliana, she remodeled her house respecting the typical architecture of this place and the structure of this historical building.

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